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Why join the N-IX?

1. It is cheaper!

Data broadcasting on the internet costs money as soon as the data leaves the network and travels trough the network of your provider or of your upstream. The peering at N-IX handles the transmission through other networks and therefore also the charge of the produced data transfers.


2. It is faster!

Most of the packets must often, on their way to the objective, go on wide traffic bands through several other networks, even if the network of the goal is geographically closer. Long-distance traffic is often overloaded and therefore slow. Through the N-IX, the path of the data is shortened, so that in principe you do not leave the region of Nuremberg and are served directly with a speed of 1 Gigabit/s. This means the exoneration of the expensive leased line, less packet movement, better communication and speed and in outcome satisfied customers!




A typical Traceroute (Seperate display of the Packet path's IPs) between two N-IX connected networks:

Here: Data source of an Internet user at Bisping. The target is the Webserver of GFK:


traceroute to www.gfk.de (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets

1 com-l1.bisping.net ( 0.122 ms 0.124 ms 0.122 ms

2 L-gw-core1.bisping.net ( 1.320 ms 1.091 ms 1.131 ms

3 N-gw-core1-fa0-1v7 ( 5.755 ms 3.584 ms 4.322 ms

4 GigE-0.ip-exchange.DHK.N-IX.net ( 11.232 ms 8.853 ms 3.733 ms

5 ( 5.542 ms 4.259 ms 5.332 ms

6 www.gfk.de ( 5.662 ms 4.832 ms 4.992 ms


The communication remains regoinal, fast (5ms) and direct (6 Hops).


Now the glaring counter-example:

From Teamix-office to the City-Informationsserver "nuernberg.de" (both here in Nuremberg!):


traceroute to www.nuernberg.de (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets

1 tcs-firewall.of.teamix.net ( 0.216 ms 0.223 ms 0.188 ms

2 ge1-0-ct.nue.teamix.net ( 0.735 ms 0.541 ms 0.590 ms

3 fe4-0-0-10.bbr2.nue.completel.de ( 0.789 ms 0.653 ms 0.654 ms

4 POS9-1-0.bbr2.ber.completel.de ( 8.841 ms 8.985 ms 8.983 ms

5 ge4-0-0-10.bbr1.ber.completel.de ( 257.331 ms 248.237 ms 236.278 ms

6 cr2.155M.HHB002.versatel.de ( 13.338 ms 13.124 ms 13.251 ms

7 cr1.2488M.HHB002.versatel.de ( 13.831 ms 13.698 ms 13.344 ms

8 fra20ip5.versatel.de ( 24.883 ms 25.045 ms 25.105 ms

9 DE-CIX1.F-8-eth130.de.lambdanet.net ( 29.969 ms 30.462 ms 30.635 ms

10 F-4-eth330.de.lambdanet.net ( 25.332 ms 25.434 ms 25.502 ms

11 N-1-eth120-0.de.lambdanet.net ( 28.671 ms 28.825 ms 29.273 ms

12 ODN-N.de.lambdanet.net.de.lambdanet.net ( 29.509 ms 28.921 ms 28.717 ms

13 wwwneu.nuernberg.de ( 28.828 ms 28.805 ms 29.125 ms


The route runs in circle over Nuremberg->Berlin->Hamburg->Frankfurt->Nuremberg, ie about 1400km "Netzwork Distance", that is noticeably delayed to 28ms and 13 Hops.


Try it your-self and check if your network provider is ready to join the N-IX. You will clearly notice the effect - especially for regional targets!


For Windows: C:>tracert <Target System>

For Unix/Linux: shell%:> traceroute <Target System>

10 Reasons in favour of a connection:
  1. Enhanced local perception and accessibility (= good Marketing)
  2. Cost reduction (Who doesn't want to save?)
  3. Better availibility (Who can today still afford Downtime?)
  4. Minimise latency (the Gaming-Community will demand it from you!)
  5. Jitter-Reduction (with which VoIP constitutes a real alternative to the old telephone system)
  6. Higher bandwidth are future-proof (many private clients demand already close to 3Mb/s)
  7. Economical power is strengthened by regional Co-operations (with each member increasing the uses for all)
  8. New workstations can be created from the saved budget (the region needs them eagerly)
  9. Innovative, new chances to exploit (Who knows which options to develop from the mergers?)
  10. Multimedia-based matters require as always more Bandwidth (Streaming, Plugins and large downloads overstrain many Networks)