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Central Domain Name Services

There are here multiple options around the DNS theme. 

The first service is an offer to all, also non-members.  It is an independant and fast resolver, as a DNS-Cache, which also accepts reccursive queries from all IP-Adresses.  The server is called ns.n-ix.net and has the IP-Adress

The second DNS-Service is only accessible to members.  It is a secondary nameserver, which can be attended by any member.  ISPs operate often your Nameserver in the same AS or even in the same LAN-Segment, which is therefore quiet vulnerable.  

At N-IX you receive the possibility to use a neutral secondary DNS-Server.  

Each member receives their own IP-Adress and a corresponding reverse point, for no hardware can be entirely safe.  The secondaries are virtually all servers!  To use this service, please contact us!