N-IX is a hub that allows all participants to exchange traffic fast and at a reasonable price.

Primarily, the achievement is a drastic optimization of the path which in turn has a positive effect on datacenter-owners and customers.

Who is the audience

the N-IX is interesting for carriers, internet providers and companies that work with datanetworks and want to optimize regional traffic. Everyone is welcome, we dont have exclusion criteria.

optimize local traffic

the Nuremberg Internet eXchange is the platform for local and cost-effective exchange of IP-traffic in north Bavaria. It makes it possible to exchange local traffic between participating parties without sending it upstream or even international carriers. This leads to cost savings and better redundancy. Optimization means less IP hops on the way from source to destination, as well as improvement in performance and reduction of chances of failure. Future synergies between vendors and customers on the platform deliver new impulses for the economy in middle Franconia and northern Bavaria.

who is behind the N-IX?

Operation and maintenance of the technical platform is delivered by PROACT Deutschland GmbH. PROACT Deutschland has its roots in linux-based knowledge, which is passed to customers in training. In addition, PROACT offers consulting and professional services, for corporate customers, not only in the field of networking.

the effect

Connected Internet end customers will immediately notice the positive effect of faster repsonse times. Internet service providers can save costs directly by eliminating redundant long-distance routes or optimizing them regionally

it is faster

Most packets often have to travel over long distance links through several foreign networks on their way to their destination, although the destination network is geographically close. Long-distance connections are often congested and therefore slow. The N-IX shortens the distances of these paths, since they actually do not leave the Nuremberg region and can be delivered directly to the target network.