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The Nuremberg Internet eXchange is THE platform for fast and efficient transfer of IP-traffic in northern Bavaria. Wth this facility it is now possible to exchange local data traffic directly between network operatiors, without having to send it via long-haul circuits or even international lines. The result is cost reduction and increased security and performance. Furthermore higher customer satisfaction and reliable data transfer, due to lower hop-count and error potential. We believe optimization shall reduce risk of data corruption, delay and increase speed and reliability for delivery. Further synergies between customers and network operators will boost the local economy and spark new innovation in this region.


Cisco Systems tells about their opinion about a local exchange facility:


IXPs can be considered the keystones of the Internet. Keystones are the critical stone in an arch that holds the entire arch in place. It is held in place by the collective pressure of the other stones in the arch. These stones depend on the keystone to hold everyone together with a specific shape and function. With out the keystone, the entire arch will collapse. IXPs play the same roll as the arch s keystone. IXPs hold together a collection of ISPs with a locality. The IXP is the glue that allows local traffic to stay local. It provides structure to the local ISP community, allowing local E-Communities, ECommerce, and the new Internet Economy to thrive. With out the IXP, the local ISP community will interconnect in another country placing a major obstacle to the development of local E-Communities and E-Commerce. International transit traffic is mixed with domestic traffic. The result for the ISPs is a business case built on international connectivity to the Internet with little revenues based on interaction in the local Internet community. Customers who are more interested in communicating with people and organizations within their own country would find the experience frustrating and discouraging. With an IXP, customers looking for the local exchange of information would find the experience fast and efficient. The result is that more customers us the domestic services hosted by all the ISPs - increasing the domestic bandwidth demand prompting a cycle where there is more bandwidth dedicated to the local interconnection then to the international links. Since domestic bandwidth is always cheaper then international bandwidth, new domestic oriented business cases emerge. These new domestic models for Internet traffic flows are often the key factor between a profitable ISP and an ISP in danger of failing.

Value-added services

The N-IX will be a central platform for value-added services. This includes a broad portfolio of data-services, for example the possibility for the members to have a secondary nameserver at a central place or access to a broad offer of public mirror-contents.

All members are kindly asked to offer services to reachable companies, to enhance the regional use. Team(ix) will be offering attractive ideas to the members, to get them kicked off together.


Team(ix) GmbH is running the platform as a neutral partner from the point of view of carriers and ISPs. Team(ix) is not a competitor for Internet Providers and carriers. Team(ix) is the neutral party which offers planning and consulting to ensure a professional operation.

N-IX is no longer the ''product'' of a single city-carrier, it is a neutral platform that offers significant advantages for all connected members. To ensure the future of the N-IX, the connection to the N-IX will be at low prices and value-added services optional.


Open and co-operative Policy

There is no Peering constraint at N-IX. For the public space, a minimal AUP (acceptable use policy) is designed. In principle each member can choose their own partner and so act flexibly. Of course, to maximize the use of the Platform, offer as much as possible in Peering.
It is also possible for ISPs to buy, or sell, over the Transit-/Backup-bandwidth, although the use of a private VLAN would be highly recommended. Likewise, offering partnerships, or Backup-Transit between ISPs, insures that more expensive WAN-management for backup purpose are not required. Hence both members gain from each-other and avoid effective direct costs.

There is an AUP that each member must follow, and of which the violation will lead to the closure of the port until the breach is corrected. It is advised that a member will not reach the single-Point-of-Failure of the N-IX Infrastructure. A substitute way on an other structure is still strongly recommended. We are however working so that the platform does not have any downtime to the users, with maximum availability.