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Welcome to N-IX

Welcome to the new pages of the N-IX = Nürnberger Internet eXchange.

The N-IX is a regional, effective and cost-saving networking-hub in Northern Bavaria, Germany.


Nürnberg is considered the 15th most important city-region on the European Network-landscape, even before Stockholm, Sweden and Cologne, Germany (Telegeography European Terrestrial Networks Map 2002)

The "N-IX"

What is the N-IX?

The N-IX is primarily a regional Data-Exchange facility which permits all participants to optimize their traffic in a very cost effective way. There are only ports with one Gigabit per second transmission speed. A single port costs 100 Euros per month, including the media-converter (SX).


Who might be interested?

The N-IX is most interesting for Telco/Carriers, Internet Providers (ISPs) and network oriented businesses. Every professional is welcome to join, there are no restrictions.


Value added services

We offer more information and services to our customers. The era of the typical exchange point has passed and we are pushing the limit further to maximize the usability for all connected parties.

Please look at all pages to get an idea about our vision and efforts for our project.