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Several redundant Cisco Catalyst 4000-Series Switches with enough redundancy of electricity in two local Computer Centers. Aditional devices with the appropriate modules stand ready for replacement, in case a component should fail. In the mean time we can realize two complete connections to physicaly distinct sites.


It exclusively consists of Gigabit-Ethernet (1000BaseX, IEEE802.3z) Ports with interface converter (GBIC). The reason for the unity of the ports' speed lies in the strong intention to not lose any parcel in an important point of the network which could be caused by different connection speeds.


As storage subsystem, we use Network Appliance Filer with huge Fibre-Channel memory. The public mirror- and newsdata - naturally constantly refreshed - will later be filed there.


team(ix) stands for the management of the N-IX Platform exclusively on Open-Source products, which are easy to cope with, performant and extremely reliable:


Linux (mostly with Debian-Distribution) with RRD, Nagios and Apache for Monitoring, Website, eMail and Documentation, Quagga for the BGP-Router


The Net-elements are Internet-Technology reliability-proven:

Cisco Systems CatOS/IOS for the Switches

Foundry for Router and Switches

IP-Adresses and more ...