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Connection procedure

Do you want to connect to N-IX too? You should then first of all contact us and notify your interest, we can then help you choose which option is optimal.

In case you already have the relevant informations, you can simply download the application form and send it back to us fully filled out. We will then reserve your port and perform the appropriate connection.

Furthermore, we can advise you on the procuration of the access lines or colocation partner. You can find current available Carrier- and Colo-suppliers here or at our future marketplace.



Application form






Connectin Guideline - AUP

To have an operational infrastructure, a member guideline is inevitable (AUP = acceptable use policy).

Here is published the actual guideline to which we adhere:


1. A member must see to it that no other member is disturbed by him.

2. At the demand of the operating company or of another member, a member must collaborate to a trouble shooting.

3. In case of a refusal, or after more than 30 minutes elapsed without an answer, the operating company has the right to block the port of the responsible member until the normal operations can be guaranteed again.

4. Interruptions of a member's sites must be notified at least one workday before the planned work. The reason for this is to inform the other involved members of the interruption. The planned period of interruption is to be notified as well as a contact person for the corresponding time.

5. Maintenance hours will be agreed after appointments with the member. They can be modified at the setup 1x per week without the necessity of an advance notice. In the case where no work is planned during the maintenance hours, this will be stated on a website.

6. For public peering-connections, the policy should be entered as AS-Macro/Object in the RIPE, or other corresponding IRR-Database. In case the intern company policy proscribes the publication, the announcement of this policy is optional.

7. There is no peering constraint.

8. It is the members' choice to agree on communication of data.

9. The German legislation applies for the legality of the content which is exchanged on N-IX.

Cisco Interface Configuration

Example of Cisco-Interface configuration:


Interface GigabitEthernet3/0

ip address 195.85.217.xx

no ip redirects

no ip proxy-arp

no ip directed-broadcast

no cdp enable

ntp disable


Please replace xx by the assigned IP-Adress.