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Gigabit Ethernet Port (100Euros/month + 100 Euros one time setup fee) bits/s transmission speed in two directions at the same time is the only available standard. The transmission lines are connected via GBICs (GigaBit Interface Converters). We do run Ethernet as layer-2 protocol (IEEE 802.3). Most networks are connected via fibre but copper-GBICs are also available. Main advantage of a pluggable converter is the choice of medium and in case of a failure fast restauration times. If one port fails, there is no need to swap a whole blade out of the switch fabric. If you choose to chance the connect media, it's a simple matter of swapping the GBICs along.

private VLAN (40 Euros/month)

Aimed for a direct, bi- or multilateral traffic exchange, VLANs separate effectively the public segment from traffic flows that should not be interfered by third party traffic. This mechanism helps to fulfil SLAs (Service Level agreements) that contractual parameters can be met.


There are no setup fees asociated with the addition of VLANs, but we do charge the VLAN costs per port.

1000Base-SX (free)

If you plan to connect to the switch-fabric via Multimode fibres (distances vary from 200m if 62,5µm cables are used up to 500m with 50µm cables) the GBIC is already included in the port fee. The common wavelength for SX-media is 850nm (visible red).

1000Base-LX/LH (200 Euros one time)

Suitable for Multimode and Singlemode fibres. The maximum reach specification on Multimode fibres is 500m and on Singlemode fibre is 10km. Please consider patch-cables and the number of splices will also reduce the maximum transmission distances. The center wavelenth of this GBIC is 1310nm.

1000Base-TX (200 Euros one time)

For extremly short reach cabling we can plugin copper-based GBICs that require the cables to have all 4 pairs wired through and a minimum quality of Kat-5E with shielding. The maximum distance should not exceed 80m and should only be used within the same datacenter due to grounding issues between different building parts.

1000Base-ZX (750 Euros one time)

If you plan to connect to the switch fabric within the city perimeter of Nürnberg, this GBIC will enable you to span up 70km fibre distance (Singlemode only). The center-wavelength of the standard ZX-GBIC is 1550nm. There is also a tuned version for multiple connections over one fiber-pair, called CWDM-GBIC (Coarse Wave Division Multiplexed GBIC), which runs in 20nm spacing next to the center-wavelength. In conjunction with splitter-boxes it is theoretically possible to run between 8-32 gigabit-Ethernet connections over one fibre-pair. We can help to plan a network which maximises the usage of fibre infrastructure. Please do contact us for further discussions.

Remark: Since 05/2004 we have reduced the ZX-GBIC price


all mentioned prices are without german V.A.T. - Foreign carriers please contact us before for information how taxes are handled for your country.