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You know the problem: where do we get reliably the exact time, or a time signal supply? Every component of a network should have the same time to easily localize an error or to obtain the exact timestamp from logdata. Also for a serie of dial-ups it is essential to have the correct time, in particular to pass over the tarif in the system. Other - important themes are leap years, leap seconds and summer time changes.

There are many sites on the internet, but the quality varies and with distance does not come accuracy (jitter).

We operate multiple NTP-Server directly in the N-IX areas.  At these time-servers, it behaves as a Stratum-0 server.  To counteract possible

variations and failures of a system, we rely on both transmission method: DCF-77 (radio signal) and GPS (Satellites).

For direct peers at N-IX, the servers are typically accessible in less than a Millisecond and thus provide very reliable time informations.


Other exchange points also provide exact time informations:



The Servers under the following names are often accessible and could - also without prior notice - be used:


  • ntp0.n-ix.net
  • ntp1.n-ix.net