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We dispose at N-IX of a large storage capacity which is accessible by FTP, HTTP and NFS through NetApp Filer with Gigabit-Speed.  We mirror there as necessary the most popular content from the ISP-environment.  For this, there is also an entire Debian-Mirror, the Linux Kernel-Archive, and diverse ISO-Images of most diverse OpenSource operating systems.   The members of N-IX have naturally free access to the Mirror-Data.


As first Mirror-Service at N-IX, the server backports.org has migrated. The free collection of softwares from Debian-Packs comes to the benefit of all connected networks.


Should you have a wish concerning more Mirrors, please let us know!


Note : This service is in no way an offensive diffusion of web content, as for typical Internet-Hosts, but should only provoke an optimisation of the resources in the trading area of the N-IX nodes. The service is not to stand in concurrence to existing commercial offers.