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Our team assists you competently on any question about both subjects:


Furthermore, we are also glad to share our know-how in one of our practice-oriented trainings.


There is also for all the latest procurement regulations and modifications that one must know in the exposure as ISP and Carrier to IPv4 and IPv6 adresses. We have for this the necassary Know-How and are happy to answer specific questions. Needless to say the courses at team(ix) are not only in english, so that people without deep knowledge of foreign languages can also take part in the courses. Furthermore the course is open to any group of people, there is no constraint of affiliation with RIPE or on the status of a LIR (local Internet registry).


Learn with us and learn to know us: http://teamix.de!


RIPE Training in Nürnberg

In october 2004 there was a RIPE-LIR-Training course in Nuremberg which, together with special specifical schooling from the team(ix)-Portfolio for network operator, would optimize ISPs and IXPs. Documentation on the LIR-Traning course is ready for download at the RIPE page.

Would you or your colleagues want lessons, we also offer individual courses.

RIPE Training and LIR Seminar 2005

This year again, the RIPE holds together with team(ix) a RIPE-LIR-Training course in Nuremberg. The date of the event is October 6th. Registrations are currently open at the RIPE-Training page.

Naturally teamix also holds an other ISP-Training, on 4th/5th of October in Nuremberg. You can find more informations on our current event page .