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The idea


The original idea is a regional platform, which distributes datapackets of Internet-Providers and later also dataservices on a very high bitrate. First off it drastically optimizes Paths, that gets recognized by NOC People and Customers. Charakteristics of that platform are low prices and maximum bandwidths (1Gb/sec initial), professional management, neutral positioning in the market and an innovative design. We only use modern technologies and are individuelly watching our Customers concerns. Midterm we will implement central services at the N-IX, that maximize the usage for all participants (i.e.: Time-Server, DNS-Backup, Mirror Services and more).


Connected InternetCustomers will notice the positive Effect immediately on the faster responsetimes. Internet Providers are able to save costs by reducing redundant Longhaul Lines or optimizing them regional.


We are trying to keep the basic conditions as attractive as possible, to make it possible to connect from NIX CZ, VIX AT, PL, SK and other eastern european countries.


We also think about accelerating dataservices over the N-IX platform - theres not only internet-related services to obey. Examples would be: media-servers for cablenetworks, Fibrechannel (iSCSI) applications for data-backup Services, Mobile Provider Data-exchange (SMS, MMS, in the future UMTS), Home-shopping, Governmental-access, Informationsystems, Universities, research centers, etc.