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Committees Work

teamix participates regularly to sessions of important IT-activities. We would be happy to represent you at sessions and make sure by voting that your voice is heard. We would inform you after the event about the results, matters, and important changes.

In case the talks are in english, we can come along, and assist you in the negociations with other partners or suppliers to reach conclusive results.


We also submit global packages at representations of your interests on regular RIPE-Meetings, DE-CIX sessions and other important committees on which your Company counts for its efficiency.

10 Years DENIC - April 2004

The DENIC e.G. celebrated its 10th year of existence and invited us to an anniversary event in Frankfurt. We were happy to accept the personal invitation of Sabine Dolderer and we take the opportunity to thank her again for the extremely nice gesture.

The agenda was prominently filled with speakers, like Jörg Tauss, Member of the Bundestag, Nikolaus Burggraf, City council at Frankfurt a.M., as well as Professor Dr. Gerhard Schneider of the Computer Center at Freiburg University.

The presence of Rüdiger Volk, who in 1986 incarnated the toplevel domain ".de" at the Uni-Dortmund as the first operation server name which was registered in a person, can be designated as the highlight.

left to right: Oliver Kügow - team(ix), Joachim Astel - noris network, Kurt Kayser - team(ix), Andreas Bäess - DENIC Vorstand

1. N-IX Workshop - March 2004

On March 11th 2004 the first N-IX Workshop took place under the direction of team(ix). Amongst others, customers, partners, members and also interested parties like representants of France Telecom attended. We could provide the interested parties a good amount of updates from the N-IX operation, and also announce news and future activities. For more infos, please click on the picture. You will then reach the report.

LambdaNet Forum - February 2004

Oliver Kügow and Kurt Kayser of team(ix) take part to the Lambdanet-Forum in Frankfurt to keep up-to-date with Carrier-Markt. The consolidation of the market is not yet completed. Encouragement through consulting particularly pays off.

RIPE47 + AMS-IX Meeting - January 2004

We visited the RIPE47 meeting in Amsterdam and took part at important talks with

suppliers and partners of our customers. Later on we could also discuss with the colleagues of AMS-IX about important and forward-looking themes, such as resolve the operation of the regulated Root-Nameserver.

Meeting between NIX.CZ and N-IX.DE in Prag - December 2003

teamix organized together with the corresponding Managing board of NIX.CZ on 15.12.2003 an informal meeting in Prag. We, in charge of the exchange point, could discuss about many details of the operation of both nodes, future perspectives and combined strategies. We were very cordially affiliated and have agreed to meet again in Nuremberg by end february.

The EU eastern Enlargement is around the corner. We try therefore to help a smooth technical data integration aswell.

DVAP e.V. Founding member- November 2003

team(ix) has, for the establishment of the organisation of the exchange points in Germany, constructively taken interest at the formation of a new association. More information can be found in the next days at the association website DVAP e.V..

RIPE 46 - September 2003

Photo with friendly acceptance from Johannes Bisping

AK-DECIX - September 2003

teamix represented effectively 2 locally located Internet Service executives

CCCamp - August 2003 near Berlin

Data WC for Ethernet in the tent & Europe's biggest private Wireless-Network