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N-IX History

The start of the Nuremberg Exchange was no later than 1993 with the registration of the IPv4-Prefix

You can find the netplan from then here.

Leased lines were unfortunately not affordable and were consequently easily outnumbered by modems -later also by ISDN by means of UUCP and PPP Protocol Data. The contents were then mainly eMail and Usenet News. The bandwidth was at the beginning between 2.400 and 14.400 bit/s with Modem and 64.000 bits/s with an ISDN B-Channel. The mentionned prefix is today still accessible at N-IX, as the noris network (AS12337).


Very innovative and creative people were already at work in Nuremberg in the previous Mailbox-era. Mailboxes, like the J.A.T. in Leinberg and the MSN-Mailbox system in Nuremberg, were very popular and the Internet era with the chat forums still to come. The "unified Messaging" was then also an integrated component. To send an eMail directly from a Fax machine was not unusual.


Enclosed is a list of people, who could handle extremely creatively the new network media in the area of Nuremberg:

  • Joachim Astel - The legendary J.A.T. Mailbox in Leinburg
  • Lutz Birkhahn - bisun
  • Felix von Delius - trinoid
  • Kurt Kayser - sunkist
  • Ingo Kraupa - hugis
  • Matthias Hanft - MSN - Mailbox System Nürnberg
  • Stefan Lindner - bagdad
  • Stefan Schleifer - First owner of a private ISDN connection in Germany
  • Matthias Urlichs - smurf-o-box
  • and many more people from "Oase-Stammtisch"

(Note: the list is evidently not complete! Please add to it, or remove someone if

he does not want to be named).


Practically the N-IX was founded on 01.03.2001 with the installation of the MetroLan Service vm, back then the City-Carrier Completel. It was to be initiated very co-operatively and non-politicaly but still run pragmatically, technically and economically. A particular emphasize is to be made on Peter Vietz as visionary for the City-Carrier Completel.


An Exchange-point outlines the will of a region to work together and to collaborate. We want to move these basic ideas forward.


Since mid-2003 a seperate, new platform came to life and is operated as a professional service of the company team(ix). The essential features of the initial ideas should in any case be preserved. From there the neutral position of these points plays a decisive role in the future success.